Thursday 20th February 2020

EFC 3: Unleashed Fury

Below are the official fight and weigh-in results from Extreme Fight Club (EFC) III, held on Saturday, January 21st from the St Joseph Community Center in Paterson, NJ.


Fighter (Weight)

Mike LaPlaca (154) vs. Julio Gaspar (152)
Gaspar wins via rear naked choke at 1:00 of round one

James Argott (130) vs. Robert Flores (130)
Flores wins via d’arce choke at 1:54 of round one

Giancarlo Borletti (176) vs. Arthur Zysk (170)
Zysk wins via rear naked choke at 0:47 of round two

Terence McDonald (168) vs Cilio Ribiero, Jr. (174)
Ribiero wins via guillotine at 0:45 of round three

Gabriel Ruiz (126.5) vs. Michael Giannone (128.5)
Giannone wins unanimous decision in three rounds

Teddy Land (150) vs. Corey Bleaken (153)
Bleaken wins via guillotine at 2:40 of round one

Brian Gil (119) vs. Cory Smith (119)
Gil wins via armbar at 1:42 of round three

Barat Jan (168) vs. Chris Keller (168)
 wins unanimous decision in three rounds

Gilbert Patrocino (148) vs. Irwing Rivera (146)
Rivera wins unanimous decision in three rounds

Gil Isabel (243) vs. Derek Gleixner (234)
Isabel wins via americana at 1:38 of round one