Monday 17th June 2019

Extreme Fighting Championship 4 Showdown: We Are EFC!

via The Garv

The Extreme Fighting Championships once again lived up to its name by putting on yet another great show.  Thirteen fights took place last Saturday night, including an EFC heavyweight title tilt, and all of them were…extreme.

In the main event, Gil “Blackout” Isabel defeated the very tough Ray “Scorpio” Bartee by rear naked choke to win the vacant EFC heavyweight crown.  It was a fast paced, exciting fight, and both men landed bombs on the feet.  On the ground, however, Isabel took control and displayed a very high skill level.  In the second round Gil was able to sink in the choke to secure the title victory.

The matches on the card were all very well thought out, and the fights were excellent.  The crowd roared as some of the finest fighters on the East Coast punched, kicked and grappled their way to victory.  You know an event is a total success when most of the crowd is still there after the last fight.  And that’s what happened on Saturday night.  After Gil Isabel won the title, fans mobbed him and were reluctant to go home, despite having enjoyed 13 fights.

In just their fourth outing, EFC is already proving to be one of the East Coast’s finest promotions.  The Darwish brothers, Hani and Walid, know how to put on a show, and each one has been more memorable than the last.  I am already looking forward to the EFC card, and can’t wait to “come on down” to the show.  And I can tell you that the fans in attendance feel the same way.  They will be talking about this events for months.

In addition to being a promoter, Hani Darwish is an MMA trainer at his own school, named appropriately enough,Extreme Fight Club. Some of his students were on the card, but there were no easy matches for any of them, including the new champ Gil Isabel, who will look to defend his belt in the near future.

Who are we?  EFC!  Remember the name, you’ll be hearing a lot about this promotion in the future.  Here are the official results from May 19th’s card:


Ref Dudley
Rivera 139.5. Uzquiano 136
Irwing Rivera vs. Edwin Uzquiano
Judges Bittencourt, Castro and Sinclair all score 29-28 for Uzquiano via three round unanimous decision.

Ref Carolei
Both fighters weigh 166
Eddie Diaz  vs. Elijah Bovenzi
Judges Castro, Sinclair and Vrlaku
all score 29-28 for Diaz via three round unanimous decision.

Ref Carolei
Sylvester 134. Letizia 133.5
Adam Sylvester  vs. Steven Letizia
Sylvester wins via split decision in three rounds, 29-26, 29-26 and 27-28 Bittencourt.
Ref deducted one point from each fighter during the contest for fouls.

Ref Carolei
Monaghan 156. Ponce 158
Brennan Monaghan  vs. Danny Ponce
Ponce wins via TKO referee stoppage due to punches at 1:53 of round three.

Ref Dudley
Both fighters weigh 153
Ashure Elbanna  vs. Kyle Allworthy
Elbanna wins via armbar at 2:15 of round two.

Ref Carolei
Doyle 158. Garcia 157
Frank Doyle vs. Ismael Garcia
Doyle wins via armbar at 1:27 of round one.

Ref Carolei
Rosario 146. Uche 144
Fabian Rosario vs. Gospal Uche
Rosario wins via armbar at 2:44 of round two.

Ref Dudley
Mendez 163. Haynes 164
Kendrick Mendez  vs. Steven Haynes
Mendez wins via triangle at 2:58 of round one.

Ref Dudley
Ruiz 121. Lopez 122.5
Gabriel Ruiz vs. Jonathan Lopez
Ruiz wins via triangle at 2:01 of round one.

Ref Dudley
Remedios 153.5. Gaylor 154
Chris Remedios vs. Jordan Gaylor
Judges Castro, Sinclair and Vrlaku all score 30-27 for Remedios via unanimous decision in three rounds.

Ref Dudley
Gil 121. Foley 123
Brian Gil vs. Rick Foley
Foley wins via unanimous decision in three rounds, 29-28 Vrlaku, 29-28 Sinclair and 30-27 Bittencourt.

Ref Dudley
Bleaken 154. Borders 155
Corey Bleaken vs. Chris Borders
Judges Bittencourt, Castro and Vrlaku all score 30-27 for Bleaken via unanimous decision in three rounds.

Ref Carolei
Isabel 233 Barteee 224
Gil Isabel (121-129) vs. Ray Bartee (124-360)
Isabel wins via rear naked choke at 1:40 of round twov